About Copa Habana

Sellers of premium Cigars and Coffee Products

A Premium Cigar & Coffee Shopping Experience

Copa Habana is a culmination of all the things we love. A mix of old school culture, luxury lifestyle and modern day necessity. We have a sincere and deep passion for the culture of smoking cigars and enjoying delicious coffee—and through Copa Habana we can share that passion with like-minded enthusiasts and lovers of life.

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A Shared Passion for the Finer Things

Copa Habana is the brainchild of two friends: Phillip and Paniko, both passionate about bringing everyday luxuries to the everyday modern person. They went to school together and shared a passion for cigars and coffee from young; they both agree that the art of a well made cigar and perfectly brewed coffee is unmistakable.


We will always strive to offer our best assistance, in-store or online.

Passion for
the Finest

It's our love for cigars and coffee that we're here in the first place.


We carefully curate our product listing to include only the finest products.

A Curated Selection of Cigar & Coffee Products

Everything in Copa Habana has been carefully curated for you, from the premium cigars and coffee beans to the world class lighters, coffee machines and accessories. There is something for everyone looking for luxury in store, and if we don’t have it we can source it for you specifically.

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