Rebirth of the Figurados

The Cuaba cigar is notorious for its figurados shape. The Brains behind the Cuaba cigar is Carlos Izquierdo González. The Cuaba brand launched in 1996 in London. At the time, the production and sale of the figurados style cigar had stopped for over four decades. González was one of the last people in Cuba who could roll the figurados shape. The name Cuaba is from the indigenous Taino Indians. The Taino’s inhabited the island before the Spanish and used a bush called Cuaba to light their own cigars. There was no mold used to make the Cuaba, so that meant that each cigar varied in size. The members of the Cuaba team at that time could roll roughly 100 cigars a day. The Cuaba cigar is known for having pleasant

earthy notes when smoked, maintaining a very smooth taste with each pull. Treat yourself to our Cuaba cigar range here at Copa Habana.

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