Once upon a time…

In 1935, a cigar maker named Alonso Melendez purchased a ‘particulares’ factory. How Melendez came up with the name sounds like it comes straight from a storybook, that’s because it does. Many of the cigar rollers in the factory happened to be illiterate. As a means of trying to increase productivity, a book was read aloud to the workers. There happened to be one book that proved extremely popular by the cigar rollers. That book was called “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas. The book that each cigar roller loved is how the Montecristo name was born. The Montecristo No.4 cigar is the most popular and sought-after. Their earthy and rich flavour is what draws people in time and time again.

Copa Habana allows you to experience that same feeling with the Montecristo line.

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