Zippo peanut Chestnut bone


Zippo peanut Chestnut bone

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Peanut Features :

• 420HC Stainless Steel
• Zippo® Shield
• Clip Blade
• 2.1 in (5.3 cm) blade length
• 2.875 in (7.3 cm) closed length
• 0.94 oz (26.6 g)


CONSUMER NOTICE: The blades that go into every Zippo knife are honed to an extremely sharp edge
We ask that you be very cautious when opening, using, or sharpening our products.
Zippo knives are intended to be used as working tools. If an injury occurs during use (or misuse) of a Zippo knife, this is a risk that our customers assume, and Zippo cannot, in any way, be held accountable. Our customers expect Zippo to deliver high-quality, razor-sharp knives; in turn, we ask each customer to
use our products safely and wisely.


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