Graef Burr Coffee Grinder


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Graef Burr Coffee Grinder

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If you like your coffee fresh and full of flavour, you’ll be on the hunt for a great burr grinder. A burr grinder has two conical burrs which fit inside one another. The space between them determines the granularity of the resulting ground coffee – closer together will result in a finer grind, whereas moving them apart results in a coarse grind.


• Stainless steel conical burr grinder
• Features 24 variable grind settings, from coarse to fine
• Aroma gentle conical grinder made of stainless steel
• Doses straight into the portafilter via the release button at the back of the positioner arm
• Coffee grounds container holds up to 100g and comes with a dust cover
• Perfect for home use
• Solid plastic housing
• Removable base plate
• Comes with a cleaning brush


• Power: 128W
• Voltage: 230V
• Weight: 1.84kg
• Bean capacity: 100g
• Dimensions: 154 x 260 x 375mm
• Grinder Type: Burr


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