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Angelo Carbon Fiber Glass Top Humidor


Angelo Carbon Fiber Glass Top Humidor



Carbon Fibre Glass Top 25c – 26x22cm

Every Aficionado knows how important it is to keep your cigars fresh. It’s easy for tobacco products to suffer in terms of quality when they are not stored in a proper manner. That’s where humidors can be especially helpful. Humidors are containers that seal and maintain a desirable moisture levels. They also give added protect from the sun and natural environment that would otherwise affect your product. Without them it is easy for cigars to dry out and lose their flavour and aroma. Also, if your tobacco becomes too wet, it is also possible for them to rot or be infested by tobacco beetles. In that regard, it is clear to see why products like these are useful.

Humidor – Carbon Fibre Glass Top 25c – 26x22cm, like most humidors, is a wood-based container. What makes it stand out is its carbon fibre outer layer. This helps not only the overall strength and structure, but also its longevity/life-cycle. The added glass top also gives the chance to display your smoke of choice at your pleasure.

At an impressive 26x22cm this item can house its fair share of cigars, cigarillos, and other related products.


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